About us


Concrete Finisher and Crew Leader

Bricio has been in the concrete business for more than 15 years. He has been involved in building several commercial and residential establishments over the course of his career. Bricio started in this industry by following his dad’s steps. Now, he plays an essential role in our team as a concrete finisher.

Bricio is very picky when it comes to accepting projects to handle, as he knows that his performance will speak for him when he is not around. Some of Bricio’s best attributes include his keen attention to detail and focus. In his free time, Bricio enjoys playing soccer and coaching his

youth team.


Insulation Installer and Crew Leader

Adan has been in the insulation industry since 2007. He did not want to be in the concrete business, but he gave it a shot nonetheless. Adan was also certain that college is not one of his best options. For one, it is very expensive and second, he is more of a “hands-on” type of person.

He then decided to give the insulation business a try, and he has not looked back ever since. He started his career with a startup company that has become a well-known brand. His efforts, labor, and hard work paid off as he grew and matured in the industry. His dedication paved the way for receiving the blessing of having his own company.

His work may not be visible to the public’s eye, but he always makes sure that the quality of his work is second to none. Adan understands that by hiring our team, our clients trust us to do our job as if we are building our own homes. This is why he always sees to it that his performance is on 101% every time.

In his free time, Adan likes to play soccer. He also enjoys watching car shows and maintaining his own vehicle. Although he is a very busy person, Adan never forgets to thank the Lord for all the blessings he receives. He regularly attends church services.


Sales and Company Manager

Rey Rodriguez has been involved in the construction industry for more than 2 decades. His exposure to the construction field started at a young age, remodeling homes and building cabins in the Stevens Pass area.

Rey has also worked in the automotive industry for 10 years. Using his different exposures and experiences, he combines each industry’s best practices to deliver sterling, client-focused service. Under his leadership, our company assures each client’s 100% satisfaction.

With years of working in different trades, Rey has come to a realization that all businesses face the same complaints and problems—customer service and building and/or maintaining integrity. For him, the best way to address these concerns is to show care toward his clients.

Whether you would meet him on the field or just talk to him over the phone, he guarantees that you would be well taken care of—as it should be. In his free time, Rey enjoys playing soccer, spending time with his kids, reading, and most especially, attending his church.


Customer Care

Vanesa is the youngest of all the four. She has experience in the retail industry, working for telecommunications, but she always tries to help in the family business when she can. Currently, she is taking up a major in computer science while caring for her one child.

Vanesa enjoys spending time with her son. She also loves to read and enjoys watching movies.